Background story

Many eons ago, people turned to suspended animation in the form of cryonics in order to escape the present and awaken in the future...
Special firms, composed primarily of scantily-clad nurses in mini skirts, dealt with this black science. They froze people in cryonic chambers and shot them into space around earth's orbit.
500 years later, the space capsules landed back on earth and to the shock and dismay of these brave individuals, the planet was now a barren wasteland of techno-rubble and post-apocalyptic nightmares. While wandering in protective spacesuits, these nomads were hit with a wave of nostalgia – they lacked dope tunes to pass the time.
They banded together and sought to search for the odd musical artifacts still remaining on earth. They formed CRYOWORKS...
The rest is history in the making.

Nomads in spacesuits

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