Bleeps and blips spelling C-R-Y-O


Our intention from the get-go was to accompany every cryoworks release with a lead-in story, so as to form more cohesive and cinematic albums. This means that every album will unravel bit by bit the story unfolding on planet earth, 500 years in the future.
If you want to be a storyteller as well, don't hesitate and cooperate in our newest mission. Interested? Please read the conditions.


  • electronic genres like abstract, ambient, broken beat, click'n'cuts, electro, glitch, illbient, idm, minimal, neofolk, and other experimental stuff accepted
  • you must use morse code bleeping C-R-Y-O anywhere in the song - you are free to change the tempo, pitch etc.. and use any sound to emit the morse code - but it's important C-R-Y-O be inserted in morse code in the track. (for a midi file have a look below)
  • songs need to be provided in WAV format (we will provide FTP access for you to upload your files - so don't worry about the size)
  • only unreleased (never published) and non copyright violating work is accepted
  • the final compilation will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License

If you have any more questions then please feel free to contact us. If you are willing to participate it'll even be appreciated if you send us a word as it will allow us to see the number of participants. We're looking forward to hearing your submissions!
Deadline: end of April (we reserve the right to change it according to a number of submissions received)
Have a fun.
download a MIDI file

Background story

Meanwhile... Our recently unfrozen earthlings stumbled upon an old, deserted radio station. They were immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia and a deep yearning for the music that shaped their live’s in the past. Luckily, they were able to find Photovoltaic panels to harness the suns UV energy and turn it to electricity. They found themselves broadcasting some of their favorite electronic music from the early 21st century... And than, one of the crew members suggested they insert Morse code in the FM signal, in the hopes that they could make contact with another colony or life form. Bleeps and blips spelling C-R-Y-O started permeating in the air...