[owo007] Platform - Reset EP


When you encounter a problem in your daily routine, perhaps, a droid is a gumming up the works. Memory access violations, divide by zero, display unit malfunctions. All of these glitches need to be addressed. A reset is sometimes necessary in order for the droid to regain its composure. Much like a portable computer.
We have a set of farming droids. Models include harvesters, sowers and sprayers. Unless the droids have a biomechanical structure, they are immune to diseases. Our little buddies are well equiped. Unfortunately, like all technological tools, their core system is prone to a variety of bugs... which sometimes lead to disastruous consequences.
Our engineers have been searching for a fix hastily for the past few weeks in the plains of the UK and they have found a rare artefact. An electronic, melodic, musical composition from the hands of Platform which to the astonishment of the engineers, turned out to be the ideal cure for our ailing droids. From now on, when we find droids suffering from errors in their core systems we simply turn on Reset EP. Thus, resetting the droids in a working state. After booting up again, they work perfectly as their neurological networks become subdued and regain sense of the physical world by the mechanical patterns found on this magnificent EP. We fully recommend this album as a maintenance tool for your droids...

download full release (22MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: I-330 [3:10]
02 :: Quadratic Harmony [5:40]
03 :: Valis [5:00]
04 :: Special Darkness [3:35]

tracks: 4 | style: idm/ambient/experimental | duration: 17:25 | released: 21.6.2008

[owo006] Mattias Engvall - Megacity EP


Mattias Engvall takes us on an introspective mini-ride of his vision of a sprawling megacity on this EP.
The title track, immerses us in the ambient surroundings of modern earth and its audio-syncrasies.
This deep and brooding track sets the stage for "feeling in monochrome", a downbeat minimalistic glitch-hop interlude that's sure to be a favorite.
The EP finally slips into "faan" a bubbly bath of synthyness with an accompanying noise distortation that evokes the omnipresence of electromagnetic technology in the distant future.

download full release (13MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Megacity [3:02]
02 :: Feelings In Monochrome [2:59]
03 :: Faan [4:01]

tracks: 3 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 10:02 | released: 3.5.2008

[owo005] Timitiminono - Microexorcism EP


Timitiminono's debut ep marks an important date in the universe of cryoworks. Timitiminono is the part of David Felix's schizoid personality that represents frustration.
This portugese musician concocted a deep drony ambience of delectable goodness for us to share with our fellow netizens. The first track is microexorcism of sounds so delicate and intricately woven you'll immediately fall into a blissful coma.
The second track invokes a curiosity in the listener, a curiosity which simmers in a bath of sounds and leads you into the light.
Best enjoyed latenights with a good sci-fi book.

download full release (29MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Microexorcism [10:16]
02 :: Tank [12:32]

tracks: 2 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 22:48 | released: 17.2.2008

[owo004] Strangelet - Forest EP


The eco system in all of its bizarre and eclectic manifestations abound in forests. What if we project ourselves billions of years in the future. What oddities would we find lurking in the shadows of the woods. Perhaps binary insects are the norm. Self-replicating microelectromechinal bacteria feed parasitically on host bio-mechanical mammals.
Track 1: The flaura is an evolving colony of trees, plants and grub. But what if the rocking motion of trees in the wind seized to exist in favor of rigid metal like growths permeating the environment. How would this change the sonic landscape? Let's find out, a path is emerging in the distance...
Track 2: As we tread these unchartered, futuristic forests, we get an eerie feeling that we are being watched. Insects buzz on by, mysterious animals crawl through the shadows of the ever deepening alien forest.
Track 3: Darkness fades and beauty reveals itself once again. A breathtaking splendor of color and lights pierce through the animated clouds. Faint whispers are begging your attention, but the colors dim, and the environment dissolves onto itself...

download full release (29MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Trees [10:40]
02 :: Deep Forest [05:20]
03 :: Kids [3:12]

tracks: 3 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 19:12 | released: 17.11.2007

[owo003] Me And My Droid - Digital Insects


Insects, whether you love them or hate them, they permeate our surroundings. Me And My Droid explores these miniature biological entities in his latest offering on Cryoworks.
2500AD: forms of ecological life have adapted to their harsh surroundings, consequence: insects made not of carbon compounds, but electro-mechanical robots crafted from self-replicating nano-structures.
Track 1: Shows the evolutionary behavior of these "insectoids". Their reproductive organs no longer required as part of a tool in the continuation of their species, they use them as pleasure sensors instead.
Track 2: Insects bred for warfare? Some clandestine intelligence agencies seems to think so as they have developed some stealthy and deadly buggers to carry out their dirty work.
Track 3: Soaring in the sky requires some kind of propellant, what better way to defy gravity then by the wobbling synthesizer sounds of a TB-303!
Track 4: Ever heard the expression of two people fond of each other being "love bugs". Ya...
Track 5: Humans are born with congenital defects. Insect robots are not impervious to flaws at birth either. Several tests are conducted to eliminate the weak ones. Eugenics is the norm.
Track 6: The monotonous existence of these critters is embodied in this track. Their software designed to seek out food in the ground. Over and over again...
Track 7: Armies of ants scuffle around the planet. They are highly efficient distributed networks of autonomous robots. Together, a colony forms a single cognitive machine.
Track 8: The cycle of life continues. Whatever goes up, must come down. What happens when insects crash? Their parts are scavenged, and from the ground, they are born again.

download full release (43MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Kinky Japanese Beetles [06:08]
02 :: Insect Bites [03:22]
03 :: The Evolution Of Flight [05:54]
04 :: Love And Harmony [03:41]
05 :: 4 Equal Sectors Colored Yellow [04:24]
06 :: In The Soil [05:21]
07 :: A Brand New Ant Colony [06:09]
08 :: Digital Malfunction [0:57]

tracks: 8 | style: ambient/drone/experimental | duration: 35:56 | released: 28.8.2007

[owo002] VA - Morse Bleeping


Meanwhile... Our recently unfrozen earthlings stumbled upon an old, deserted radio station. They were immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia and a deep yearning for the music that shaped their live's in the past. Luckily, they were able to find Photovoltaic panels to harness the suns UV energy and turn it to electricity. They found themselves broadcasting some of their favorite electronic music from the early 21st century... And then, one of the crew members suggested they insert Morse code in the FM signal, in the hopes that they could make contact with another colony or life form. Bleeps and blips spelling C-R-Y-O started permeating in the air...

download full release (54MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Strangelet ~ C-R-Y-O (Intro) [03:28]
02 :: Clubmoss ~ O Brave Youth [07:04]
03 :: Me And My Droid / Kenneth Kirschner ~ Tree Shadows In Daisen [07:00]
04 :: nustyrecords ~ Flight Corridor [04:51]
05 :: Stakka ~ Don't Cry [04:36]
06 :: Silencide ~ Cereal Sordidness [04:54]
07 :: Diana's Bedroom ~ Futurespace [06:30]
08 :: Nothing On TV ~ Cryo 2 (Outro) [03:38]

tracks: 8 | style: idm/ambient/downtempo | duration: 42:01 | released: 20.5.2007

[owo001] VA - The First Artefacts


This is the first compilation released on Cryoworks. In fact, these tracks are the first we've found in this desolate world worth spieling about... and this is why we called it "The First Artifacts".
Chris Herbert opens the compilation with a ghostly ambient tune. Followed up by Jamie Drouin, who presents his project, VRSN, and an untitled track which will conjure up images of drones whispering cybernetic spells into your ears. The next track will submerge you under the sea, where you will meet genetically modified marine life, the bi-products of a clandestine research project wrested from the hands of mad biologists and their nano-technology. The next tune comes from Sweden and deals with intercontinental interferences. Spooky. Strangelet's track closes the ambient part of the compilation brilliantly with a track that conjures up images of bio-oddities roaming in search of company.
The second half of the compilation delves into minimalist aesthetic; a discreet dialogue created through the least number of sounds available; a conversation created by Strcprstskrzkrk that offers up the foundations for the proceeding masterpiece by Platform. Platform revels in rich textures and clear sound that will take you far, far away. Followed by Donkeyworks, who tells you a short story about one little ice floe... drifting...slowly. The compilation concludes with _clean's track – Trats, which paves the way for future Cryowork explorations into scifi sonic territory.

download full release (68MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Chris Herbert ~ Half And Half And Half [06:41]
02 :: VRSN ~ Untitled 11-07-06 (Cryo) [03:54]
03 :: Me And My Droid ~ Hello My Little Fish [03:16]
04 :: Mattias Engvall ~ Intercontinental Interference [03:41]
05 :: Strangelet ~ Fields Of Infinity [06:40]
06 :: Strcprstskrzkrk ~ Backbeatclick [10:53]
07 :: Platform ~ The Architect [03:54]
08 :: Donkeyworks ~ Wandering Around An Ice Floe [05:28]
09 :: _clean ~ Trats! [08:04]

tracks: 9 | style: ambient/minimal | duration: 52:31 | released: 27.12.2006