Experimental electronica musical project born during the summer of 2004 formed by two southamerican musicians: Santiago Costa a.k.a. ATUNe! and Sergio Salomoni a.k.a. pHonotape.
In the beginning nustyrecords explores the limits of digital sound through critical wave modulation and sonority research labs, Santiago mostly dedicated to rhythm and Sergio to harmony and melody, away from the song structure prevailing improvisation and interplay.
Their first releases belong to the noise category, compositions developing tone, pitch and rhythmical phrases in a braid of imperceptible progressions born from empathy and inspiration producing tracks that are impossible to playback.
2006 was mostly dedicated to spontaneous appearances in public spaces such as trains, restaurants and libraries, capturing the surrounding sound and improvising interactive performances with the people.
Nowadays nustyrecords propose an audiovisual experience, setting ambient live performances for fashion shows and festivals, exploring every field of the electronic music library, from electropop to trance, from ambient to glitch, looking for the essential variety of sound that computer based music can reach.

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[owo002] VA - Morse Bleeping


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