[owo003] Me And My Droid - Digital Insects


Insects, whether you love them or hate them, they permeate our surroundings. Me And My Droid explores these miniature biological entities in his latest offering on Cryoworks.
2500AD: forms of ecological life have adapted to their harsh surroundings, consequence: insects made not of carbon compounds, but electro-mechanical robots crafted from self-replicating nano-structures.
Track 1: Shows the evolutionary behavior of these "insectoids". Their reproductive organs no longer required as part of a tool in the continuation of their species, they use them as pleasure sensors instead.
Track 2: Insects bred for warfare? Some clandestine intelligence agencies seems to think so as they have developed some stealthy and deadly buggers to carry out their dirty work.
Track 3: Soaring in the sky requires some kind of propellant, what better way to defy gravity then by the wobbling synthesizer sounds of a TB-303!
Track 4: Ever heard the expression of two people fond of each other being "love bugs". Ya...
Track 5: Humans are born with congenital defects. Insect robots are not impervious to flaws at birth either. Several tests are conducted to eliminate the weak ones. Eugenics is the norm.
Track 6: The monotonous existence of these critters is embodied in this track. Their software designed to seek out food in the ground. Over and over again...
Track 7: Armies of ants scuffle around the planet. They are highly efficient distributed networks of autonomous robots. Together, a colony forms a single cognitive machine.
Track 8: The cycle of life continues. Whatever goes up, must come down. What happens when insects crash? Their parts are scavenged, and from the ground, they are born again.

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01 :: Kinky Japanese Beetles [06:08]
02 :: Insect Bites [03:22]
03 :: The Evolution Of Flight [05:54]
04 :: Love And Harmony [03:41]
05 :: 4 Equal Sectors Colored Yellow [04:24]
06 :: In The Soil [05:21]
07 :: A Brand New Ant Colony [06:09]
08 :: Digital Malfunction [0:57]

tracks: 8 | style: ambient/drone/experimental | duration: 35:56 | released: 28.8.2007