[owo004] Strangelet - Forest EP


The eco system in all of its bizarre and eclectic manifestations abound in forests. What if we project ourselves billions of years in the future. What oddities would we find lurking in the shadows of the woods. Perhaps binary insects are the norm. Self-replicating microelectromechinal bacteria feed parasitically on host bio-mechanical mammals.
Track 1: The flaura is an evolving colony of trees, plants and grub. But what if the rocking motion of trees in the wind seized to exist in favor of rigid metal like growths permeating the environment. How would this change the sonic landscape? Let's find out, a path is emerging in the distance...
Track 2: As we tread these unchartered, futuristic forests, we get an eerie feeling that we are being watched. Insects buzz on by, mysterious animals crawl through the shadows of the ever deepening alien forest.
Track 3: Darkness fades and beauty reveals itself once again. A breathtaking splendor of color and lights pierce through the animated clouds. Faint whispers are begging your attention, but the colors dim, and the environment dissolves onto itself...

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01 :: Trees [10:40]
02 :: Deep Forest [05:20]
03 :: Kids [3:12]

tracks: 3 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 19:12 | released: 17.11.2007