[owo005] Timitiminono - Microexorcism EP


Timitiminono's debut ep marks an important date in the universe of cryoworks. Timitiminono is the part of David Felix's schizoid personality that represents frustration.
This portugese musician concocted a deep drony ambience of delectable goodness for us to share with our fellow netizens. The first track is microexorcism of sounds so delicate and intricately woven you'll immediately fall into a blissful coma.
The second track invokes a curiosity in the listener, a curiosity which simmers in a bath of sounds and leads you into the light.
Best enjoyed latenights with a good sci-fi book.

download full release (29MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Microexorcism [10:16]
02 :: Tank [12:32]

tracks: 2 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 22:48 | released: 17.2.2008