[owo006] Mattias Engvall - Megacity EP


Mattias Engvall takes us on an introspective mini-ride of his vision of a sprawling megacity on this EP.
The title track, immerses us in the ambient surroundings of modern earth and its audio-syncrasies.
This deep and brooding track sets the stage for "feeling in monochrome", a downbeat minimalistic glitch-hop interlude that's sure to be a favorite.
The EP finally slips into "faan" a bubbly bath of synthyness with an accompanying noise distortation that evokes the omnipresence of electromagnetic technology in the distant future.

download full release (13MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: Megacity [3:02]
02 :: Feelings In Monochrome [2:59]
03 :: Faan [4:01]

tracks: 3 | style: ambient/drone | duration: 10:02 | released: 3.5.2008