[owo007] Platform - Reset EP


When you encounter a problem in your daily routine, perhaps, a droid is a gumming up the works. Memory access violations, divide by zero, display unit malfunctions. All of these glitches need to be addressed. A reset is sometimes necessary in order for the droid to regain its composure. Much like a portable computer.
We have a set of farming droids. Models include harvesters, sowers and sprayers. Unless the droids have a biomechanical structure, they are immune to diseases. Our little buddies are well equiped. Unfortunately, like all technological tools, their core system is prone to a variety of bugs... which sometimes lead to disastruous consequences.
Our engineers have been searching for a fix hastily for the past few weeks in the plains of the UK and they have found a rare artefact. An electronic, melodic, musical composition from the hands of Platform which to the astonishment of the engineers, turned out to be the ideal cure for our ailing droids. From now on, when we find droids suffering from errors in their core systems we simply turn on Reset EP. Thus, resetting the droids in a working state. After booting up again, they work perfectly as their neurological networks become subdued and regain sense of the physical world by the mechanical patterns found on this magnificent EP. We fully recommend this album as a maintenance tool for your droids...

download full release (22MB ~ MP3 VBR in ZIP)
01 :: I-330 [3:10]
02 :: Quadratic Harmony [5:40]
03 :: Valis [5:00]
04 :: Special Darkness [3:35]

tracks: 4 | style: idm/ambient/experimental | duration: 17:25 | released: 21.6.2008