>OWO004 - our present for Christmas - is out

The eco system in all of it's bizarre and eclectic manifestations abound in forests. What if we project ourselves billions of years in the future. What oddities would we find lurking in the shadows of the woods. Go find out yourself here.

>OWO003 has been just released

Insects, whether you love them or hate them, they permeate our surroundings. Me And My Droid explores these miniature biological entities in his latest offering on Cryoworks. Download here.

>Machinefabriek - Kruimeldief (Remixed)

One of the chiefs of cryoworks - _clean - contributed his remix to Machinefabriek's release alongside with Alva Noto, Julien Neto, Kim Cascone, Xela, Pita, Svarte Greiner, Mitchell Akiyama, Greg Haines, Chris Hebert, Mark Templeton and many more. More info here.

>OWO002 is up

Our second release has been released. Thus we can mark our first mission as a successful one. Check it out here.

>We do performances

Yes. We do performances (and to be honest we have a few beers between them). So if you wanna see us just check dates here.

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